Would anyone mind sparing a possible BC vote?

My yurble is in the BC this week and its honestly packed with awesome drawings. If you happen to have a spare yurble vote, would you mind tossing one his way?!


Any votes are greatly appreciated!

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Pirate Lutari I AM SCREAMIN

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Friends… I no longer work at Neopets.

*whomp whomp*

Instead of never bringing it up and just fading into the night (the preferred plan of introverts everywhere), it feels like I owe you a post. Mostly because I’ve gotten a number of messages here and on Twitter inquiring about certain…

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Ghost Kyrii

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White Draik

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Pastel Uni

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Blue Grundo

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bigbadlupe Asked: What's the name of the wig and makeup on that stealth ixi? :0

  • MiniMME12-S2: Elegant Maractite Wig
  • Tears of Caylis Face Paint

I’m assuming that’s the stealth ixi you are referring to, at least lol

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collegewebproject Asked: The last two pets you posted, Miracle and Doppelganger are my pets and I really appreciate it. It makes me smile to know you think my pets look good. :)

Of course!

If anyone else comes across their pet and would like credit, please do not hesitate to ask. I usually find pets from the Customization Contest and have no way of knowing their names.

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